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Invest In Future Blockchain Software

We are a software company specializing in blockchain technology and AI. In addition we provide hardware and platform products for Metaverse along with a team of professional analysts and traders in the financial markets and AI Technology to help ensure stable profits and customer safety.

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Last Investments/Withdrawals

Recent Transactions

Our investors deposit and withdrawal transaction logs have just been made.

Username Date Investments
Terassu 2023-01-13 $700
Kiira 2023-01-13 $100
Jareth2020 2023-01-13 $3000
Minetta 2023-01-13 $1220
Vainira 2023-01-13 $8000
Gagea 2023-01-13 $430
Username Date Withdrawals
cesar20 2022-01-24 $31
Gaden 2023-01-24 $30
Kallus 2023-01-24 $14
Eurishyip 2023-01-24 $526
Bamadis 2023-01-24 $8
Kestria 2023-01-24 $327
About Us

We offer stable profit and safe investment

Technology start-up investment fund

We invest in startups on future technologies that ensure the optimization of our return on investment.

Investment Expert

We have a team of longtime traders in the financial markets with AI to help ensure the safety of investors' profits

Blockchain and Metaverse

We cooperate with major companies in the world to develop Blockchain and Metaverse technology.

How It Works

It's easy to join with Us


Register and Deposit

You need to create an account and deposit money into the wallet.


Invest in the plan

Choose your suitable investment plan.


Get profit

You will receive 3.6%-8% profit every day


Withdraw money

Your profit and intrest can be withdrawn instantly.

Investment Plans

Increase profits every day with us

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Why choose us?

We make your life comfortable with our services.

Withdrawal any time

You can withdraw your full capital and interest within the first quarter of your investment time with a 5% fee.

Referral Program

We have a 3 level referral program: F1=5%, F2=2%, F3=1%. In addition, you can develop your team and receive: interest + bonus + weekly salary according to our K-Leader program

K-Leader Program

Advanced K-leader referral program brings higher returns to investors. Higher commission (7%-3%-2%-1%) + bonus + weekly salary.


Our Latest News

The latest updates about us. Along with new information about financial and investment markets around the world.

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The metaverse, a concept referring to a shared, immersive virtual environment, has become one of the hottest business trends: tech giants including Facebook, Google and Microsoft h...

On January 6 at 8:37 AM ET, Samsung Electronics America will open the doors to Samsung 837X, an immersive world that can be explored virtually. Modeled on the physical Samsung 837 ...

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Please do not deposit twice to same deposit address generated from a single order. Each time you want to make a new deposit open a new order. Regards